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Compass II

1.03 usd

This is a new generation compass app. With a traditional compass, you only can got the directions, but it will not help a lot, as normally you want a direction to your destinations, but this app will help you to calculate this. This app is designed for outdoor sports, installation, hiking. It provide a very easy way to find the direction between two locations, thus to avoid calculate the direction yourself. It is pretty much easy to use this, you just need to input the latitude/longitude, and it will calculate everything for you. A map also can be generated to help you. And in order to help the outdoor P2P antenna installation for wireless communication, it also provide a feature called coverage angle, with this it is very easy to help you find out the coverage on map and direction. You can manually input or using GPS, cell phone network to get the latitude/longitude of your location. It also able to search the Google to find the locations base on your address.Rhumb lines (or loxodrome) is used to calculate the bearing and locations base on Latitude and Longitude. Compare to the Great-circle loxodrome is more suitable for short distance <10-100Km. That is enough for general purpose. It also collects a set of locations including different country and attractions for fun.